Fisher-Price T.M.X. Tickle Me Elmo

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Elmo has impressive automatic stand up action keeps you going while he continues to giggle and say, “I got tickled”. It has three modes of giggle action – Press its foot or belly and hear “You tickled Elmo.” TI can go from standing to sitting. Then, it falls back, sits and stands straight up again – the whole time giggling away and flapping its right arm. Touch its belly again, and it sits and rolls from one side to the other. It ends up on his back, kicking his legs, flapping his arms and giggling with the words, “You did it again.” It ends his hilarious giggle session by standing up and letting out a deep sigh. This Elmo has a few more phrases: “Again, again,” and “Give Elmo a break, please,” and “I can’t stop laughing”. It require six AA batteries, which are included and it measures 15″H.In 1996 Independence Day rocked the box office, the “Macarena” began its trek up the charts before landing on wedding dance floors, and Elmo first showed the world his predilection for tickles. Tickle Me Elmo is remembered as one of the most difficult-to-find toys of the 1996–or any–holiday season.

Elmo gets more outrageous when you “tickle” him a second time, and the fun really starts with the third “tickle” session

Product Features

  • Elmo tickles America’s funny bone with three interactive tickle spots on his chin, tummy or toe
  • Three different tickle spots trigger rounds of infectious laughter and movement
  • Elmo slaps his belly, falls forward with his butt sticking out, stands back up again, topples backwards, and kicks his legs over his belly
  • One of a kind unique toy
  • Fun for all preschoolers


Jim says:

TMX Elmo just keeps everybody happy I bought this for the express purpose of cleaning out some bad feng shui and/or karma at work. We were in a bad spell where nothing seemed to be going right. We talked about have an exorcism of the bad spirits. And then I remembered Elmo. I had bought one new for my daughters when it first came out a decade back and it never failed to wipe out bad/sad/mad days they were having and we’d end up laughing uncontrollably as Elmo did his schtick. So i bought this one, and sprung it on the staff first thing at our next group meeting. It worked. Elmo did his magic, and when he said :”Give Elmo a break please” it broke the room up. Now we just have him sitting at the head of the conference table and we turn him on at the start of every meeting to get everybody in the mood. Oh, and i have to say that Elmo was in great, collectible shape, and the seller was accurate in his description.

Eddie Sitt says:

Crazy Everyone went crazy over this toy

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