Gund Best Friend Elmo

September 25, 2017 - Comment
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Gund Best Friend Elmo

Product Features

  • Elmo is wearing a t-shrt that says “Best Friends”
  • He comes with a hang tag that can be personalized with to/from.
  • When you press his left foot, it activates his speech.
  • He recites 8 messages: Elmo Loves You, Your Elmo’s Best Friend, Haha, You Make Elmo Smile, Have a Great Day, Give Elmo A Big Hug, Ha Ha That Tickles
  • Surface washable


Christie Hucks says:

Great gift I bought this for my 20 month old who has now drove my husband and I crazy over anything Elmo. I bought this one cause it was the lowest price talking Elmo that was still like a stuffed toy and not a robot. I am very happy with the fact it sounds like Elmo and my son lives giving Elmo hugs and kisses at bedtime. Great toy

Dawn says:

it is ok a very soft stuffed toy. his voice is very quiet. there is not a spot to put in new batteries, which was disappointing. i had thought if i put in new batteries i may be able to hear elmo better. i origionally bought this for my step son who has fragilex and autism. he loves the origional. not this one so much. i ended up sending it to my grandson. he is 6months old and loves his elmo. my daughter says that the children around 3-4 are the ones that want to “steal” it from the baby. so it ended up being a good buy for the price.

April W says:

Five Stars my daughter loved this and slept with him for the first two years!!

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