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Little ones love watching Elmo play with his friends on Sesame Street. Now it’s their turn to play along with Elmo: Meet Play All Day Elmo! This cuddly and interactive Elmo toy includes 8 games and activities and 150+ responses to help keep kids engaged. Play All Day Elmo has 2 modes of play (Toddler and Preschool) to encourage both younger and older children to have fun. Young children can enjoy basic cause-and-effect play in Toddler mode, like tickling Elmo or squeezing his nose to see how Elmo might respond. Preschool mode takes play to the next level by encouraging preschoolers to play games and activities, like “Red Light Green Light,” “Pat-a-Cake,” “Freeze Dance,” and more! When playtime is over, preschoolers can cuddle with him while listening to a lullaby. After everyone is rested, your child can start the fun again! Sesame Street and associated characters, trademarks and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame Workshop. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Product Features

  • 2 modes of play
  • Featuring 8 games and activities and 150+ responses
  • Cuddly plush toy
  • Explore basic cause-and-effect play like tummy-tickling in Toddler mode
  • Cuddle with Elmo as he sings a lullaby


Vyshtia says:

A Toy That Lasts for a Few Years

Customer Video Review Length:: 8:10 Mins Highlights of my Video Review:1. Very soft, large, interactive, snuggly toy2. Lots of different sensors on it and has lots of different responses3. Quite advanced and you can make it be quiet, or it can be very talkative.4. Definitely recommended. It’s a toy that can last with the child for a few years and there are so many different things that it can do, it will keep the child entertained for a while.

HLS says:

Elmo is top heavy. But my daughter loves him. TL;DR: My daughter loves this toy. I have a few issues, but she loves it so who cares? 

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