Just One You! (Sesame Street Scribbles Elmo)

September 27, 2017 - Comment
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Amy K says:

and I wanted her to know that she is beautiful and unique I bought this for my niece’s first birthday, and I ended up turning it into a guest sign in book. She is obviously very special to everyone who loves her, and I wanted her to know that she is beautiful and unique. I think the book does a fantastic job illustrating how every individual is their own person; there is no one else out there who is exactly like you, and that is what I wanted her to take away from it.Obviously, at one year of age, she is still too young to read. Hopefully, her parents will be able to keep the book for her when she gets older, and she will be able to appreciate all the messages from her loved ones 🙂

miriam says:

a very sweet book this book is the cutest!it is all about how everyone is special and unique, they use the sweetest and simplest words to cater to kids.my kids love Sesame Street, we had bought this book a while ago for our kids, and just offered this one to my son’s friend for his 4th bday!

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