Sesame Street: Elmo at the Zoo (Open Door Book)

September 27, 2017 - Comment

Explore the zoo with Elmo and his friends! In this unique new format, each page turn brings the reader deeper into the environment and the story!Who is at the zoo? Elmo and his friends! The penguins are Elmo’s favorite, but he doesn’t know where to find them. Kids will love helping Elmo look while learning about the animals he finds along the way. As each page is opened, a smaller page is revealed in this unique book. Related

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Explore the zoo with Elmo and his friends! In this unique new format, each page turn brings the reader deeper into the environment and the story!

Who is at the zoo? Elmo and his friends! The penguins are Elmo’s favorite, but he doesn’t know where to find them. Kids will love helping Elmo look while learning about the animals he finds along the way. As each page is opened, a smaller page is revealed in this unique book.


a says:

Great Sesame Street book with animals This is a wonderful Sesame Street book. It has flaps to lift, but in a very original way. It makes your toddler think to figure out how to turn the pages effectively. The pictures are cute. Our toddler loves animals, and this book has a few which do not appear so frequently elsewhere such as a sloth or a spider monkey which is a welcome feature.

AAxis says:

Good quality, colorful and lovable My 17 month old loves Elmo’s Favorite Places flap book, so I had to get this one. It is beautiful, plus it has healthy foods on every page. We read this during breakfast/lunch/dinner time so it’s great encouragement for the kids to eat healthy. It’s good quality – flaps seem sturdy. It also introduces more of the lesser known characters so it keeps things interesting.

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