Sesame Street: Elmo’s Word Book: An English/Spanish Flap Book (Lift-the-Flap)

September 27, 2017 - Comment

Busy scenes, oodles of flaps, lots of labels, and beloved Sesame Street characters make learning words in English and Spanish fun!Learn new words in English and Spanish as you explore the world with Elmo and other Sesame Street friends. Lift over 55 flaps to discover more than 100 bilingual object labels in this colorful book that introduces the diversity of language to preschoolers. Related

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Busy scenes, oodles of flaps, lots of labels, and beloved Sesame Street characters make learning words in English and Spanish fun!

Learn new words in English and Spanish as you explore the world with Elmo and other Sesame Street friends. Lift over 55 flaps to discover more than 100 bilingual object labels in this colorful book that introduces the diversity of language to preschoolers.


Amazon Customer says:

Yes it’s an English/Spanish ABC book but… My 2 year old is interested in identifying letters and numbers. I was very excited to find a bilingual sesame street book, but was disappointed in this one. As an ABC book is good. It’s got a ton of flaps and I think I saw 3 different toddlers enjoy this book at his Birthday Party.A bilingual ABC can be done, but simply translating a book originally written in English won’t work in this case because not all Spanish word match the letter illustrated. For example, words that begin with A in this book: awning (toldo); alligator (caimán); asparagus (espárrago); apples (manzanas); apricots (albaricoque); artichoke (alcachofa). A book like this should be thought in a bilingual way as it’s written.If you are looking for a bilingual ABC book, so far I like A is for Airplane (A es para Avión) by Theresa Howell. If you know other good bilingual ABC books, by all means reply to the review and let me know, because I’m looking for them.

T GREEN says:

Engaging Bilingual Book I purchased this book for my 16 month old son who is learning Spanish as a second language. I am learning with him, so I cannot speak to the accuracy of the translation. 

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