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September 7, 2017 - Comment

4 Reasons Why Tickle Me Elmo TMX Is A Must Have Christmas Present
By Barend Oberholzer

Reason 1

Elmo T.M.X., the coolest, most interactive Tickle Me Elmo doll yet. The new Elmo’s job is to keep kids laughing with gut-busting antics and true to life movements not at all before seen in a doll. Just touch his sensitive tickle spots and see him break out into laughter, rolling on the floor, slapping the ground and more.

Reason 2

The happy smiles he puts on your children’s faces, and adults, prove that laughter really is contagious. Elmo T.M.X. Has three interactive tickle spots, on his chin, tummy and toe.Three different tickle spots produce rounds of infectious laughter and movement. Elmo slaps his belly, falls forward with his bottom sticking out, stands back up again, topples rearwards, and kicks his legs over his belly, this is a one of a kind exclusive toy. Elmo makes every one around him laugh and be happy, Good enough reason?

Reason 3

The more than thoughtful price for this masterpiece is one more good reason, you have to know that the manufacturers has discontinued making Elmo, so in a while you won’t be able to buy him anymore. Maybe you can buy one to keep as an collectors item.

Reason 4

Thanks to all the selling efforts this Christmas season from everyone, this 10 year anniversary edition of Tickle me Elmo will be selling very quick. We have one in the office, every time we feel a bit down we just tickle Elmo and start laughing with him. Imagine grown-ups behaving this way. A good thing about Elmo is that you do not have to listen to a toy pitch all the time and be annoyed by it.

As a proud owner of a Tickle me Elmo, and loving it, I can recommend it to anyone. Children just go crazy for this toy, as do adults. I do reviews on lots of products and will certainly give my honest opinion about anything.

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