Megan says:

Bait and switch. The first Elmo we ordered was great. Authentic Sesame Street with quality material. We reorder s the exact same Elmo from Gund and was sent this counterfeit piece of crap. Complete bait and switch.In the photos the Elmo on the left was the first one we got. The Elmo on the right is the second one. It’s not even close to the quality of the first in regards to eyes, material, and stitching. The second Elmo’s fur easily falls out and the cardboard shaping the mouth is cut real cheaply and sharp on corners.

SALI2011 says:

Good size, soft eyed Elmo! My 21 month old daughter loves her Elmo doll! The previous one she had wasn’t too safe since it had hard eyes. She would constantly hit her face with it when trying to give it a big hug! This is just great! Good size and cuddly!

M. Smith says:

Kids love it, but ordered 2 of the same Elmos and they look different The most important thing is that the kids are happy right? 

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