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September 27, 2017 - Comment
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‘Ll start laughing with hung unintentionally! Elmo Tickle X! Tickle Me Elmo of explosive popularity since its release a power-up! Deluxe version of Tickle Me Elmo, which was a big hit 10 years ago. It tumbled around with LOL further this time, you rise on your own, even lying. LOL further three times in a row. point to tickle 3 places, “chin”, “stomach” and “left foot”. Size: W230 x H370 x D150 Battery: 6 AA 3 x (service with batteries) handle with close box first package is a Tri-Me package that laughter can be heard if you are in the shape of a trunk.

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  • Agatsuma


hchou says:

great toy Adorable!

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